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As an owner with Club Wyndham South Pacific, you are part of an expanding community! Our owner numbers are growing and existing owners are increasing their ownerships – and we are thrilled to announce new holiday options for you.

Please read on to find out more!


Club owners now have more options to stay at some of the club’s most popular properties! We are pleased to announce the club has acquired additional rooms at some favourite properties.

Over the past few months, 10 additional apartments have been added to the club in six existing club resorts. Currently, more apartments in Melbourne are under unconditional contract and we hope to add them to the club in the coming months.

Club Wyndham Melbourne

·1 x 2-bedroom deluxe

·2 x 1-bedroom deluxe

·1 x 3-bedroom Grand


Club Wyndham Port Douglas

·1 x 1-bedroom Grand

Club Wyndham Airlie Beach

·2 x 2-bedroom deluxe

Club Wyndham Kirra Beach

·1 x 2-bedroom ocean view

Club Wyndham Flynns Beach

·1 x 4-bedroom Presidential

Club Wyndham Sea Pearl

·1 x 2-bedroom Grand spa suite


These additional accommodations are available for booking through the club website. As the club grows, the Developer continues to look at opportunities for the club presence to expand at popular existing resorts to allow more owners options to experience them.


We are even more excited to introduce the newest addition to your club resort collection!



Japan is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and Nagano is one of the nation’s most renowned and remarkable prefectures. Boasting world-class ski fields, captivating snow monkeys, serene onsens, ancient temples, rich cultural heritage, and more, Nagano offers a tapestry of experiences that will enchant you year-round.

Whether you’re seeking thrilling adventures on the ski slopes, tranquil relaxation in natural hot springs, a chance to see the cherry blossoms, or immersive cultural explorations amidst ancient temples and samurai-era towns, Nagano promises a wonderful way to experience Japan.


Try these day trip ideas, which are within an hour-and-a-half driving distance from the resort:

  • Embark on exhilarating snow adventures at renowned ski resorts like Hiriji Kogen and Shiga Kogen.

  • Indulge in relaxation and rejuvenation at Nagano’s many hot springs or onsens – with one even onsite at your club resort!

  • Capture unforgettable memories of the snow monkeys at Jigokudani Monkey Park all year around, especially during winter, when they bathe in the soothing hot springs.

  • Experience the breathtaking beauty of cherry blossoms in April and early May, a cherished tradition in Nagano.

  • Explore cultural landmarks like Zenkoji Temple in Nagano City, or step back in time in the fascinating samurai-era town of Narai-juku.

  • Marvel at the historic Matsumoto Castle, one of Japan’s twelve remaining original castles and a designated national treasure.

  • The pristine natural wonderland of Kamikochi – the gateway to the Northern Japanese Alps, with its turquoise-blue Azusa River and awe-inspiring views of the Hotaka Range – is a little further than these other attractions, but worth the distance!

Club Wyndham Chikumakan Nagano is a Ryokan resort – a traditional Japanese property with offerings including breakfast and dinner meticulously prepared from local ingredients, either Western or traditional Japanese futon bedding, tatami flooring, cultivated gardens and indoor and outdoor onsen with natural hot spring water renowned for its skin rejuvenation and healing properties. Many travellers who stay at a Ryokan consider it the best part of their holiday.

This resort also features a spacious contemporary dining room with multiple private dining areas, a snack bar, indoor and outdoor onsen, several open plan resting spaces, and three banqueting halls that can cater for groups up to 130.

The resort’s onsen, Togura-Kamiyamada Onsen, was rated as one of the nation’s 100 Best Onsen by The Forum on Thermalism in Japan. The resort features an open-air onsen overlooking a green garden and a pond with carp, while the indoor onsen has stained glass windows and tiles designed to capture Taisho romanticism. Onsen waters are known for being a luxurious bathing experience and for reducing symptoms of conditions like atopic dermatitis – but please be aware the onsen has strict rules, designed to reflect the traditional standards of Japan and regulatory requirements. You can read more about these under the “Before You Go” heading on the resort page.

The resort has a total of 36 apartments and 16 apartments have been added to Club Wyndham South Pacific and will be available for booking from April 11, 2024:

  • 10 x Hotel Standard (Western bedding)
  • 4 x Japanese Style
  • 2 x Studio Deluxe (Western bedding)

You can find out more about the resort and check out the credit charts here.

Please note: a mandatory fee for breakfast and dinner (which is part of the Ryokan experience) is payable for all stays at this resort (“F&B Fee”). The F&B Fee is calculated on a per person, per night basis and is payable in addition to the credits required for the accommodation. The F&B fee can be paid in cash or credits. Further details about the F&B Fee can be found here.

The Responsible Entity, Wyndham Vacation Clubs South Pacific, has determined that the accommodation is currently of the required standard to become part of the club. However, the Developer is undertaking some improvements of the resort’s common spaces, reception, food and beverage outlets and onsen over the next few months, which you can read about under the “Before You Go” heading on the resort page.

This property will be managed by a Club Wyndham team dedicated to providing you with the service and personalised experience you expect at your club properties.


In 2019, Club Wyndham South Pacific acquired points in Sundance Resort Club against which Club Wyndham South Pacific issued vacation credits. This acquisition enabled the club to provide club owners access to all inventory in all 16 Sundance Resort Club resorts for a smaller commitment. The number of credits held by the club in Sundance Resort Club equates approximately to year-round access to 24 apartments.

While owners have access to apartments in the 16 Sundance resorts, the acquisition of Club Wyndham Chikumakan Nagano is a more traditional set-up where the club owns the apartments and a related entity will manage the resort. This will allow the Club to have greater control over the guest experience and the quality of the property.

Thank you for being part of Club Wyndham South Pacific. We look forward to creating an incredible experience for your next holiday – whether you choose to explore new horizons or return to a favourite place.

Warm regards,

The Club Wyndham South Pacific team

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