Product Disclosure Information

From time to time, the Responsible Entity may make amendments to Club Wyndham South Pacific Governing Documents. Club Owners may view notices of recent changes to these documents here.
Product Disclosure Statement & Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement
New Zealand Offer
This Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) must be read in conjunction with the PDS prepared 30 September 2022 and any other SPDS when an offer is made within New Zealand.
Club Wyndham South Pacific Guidelines and Regulations

Club Wyndham South Pacific has established Guidelines and Regulations which govern the use and operation of Club facilities. Where the Club owns property within a resort not operated by the Club, Owners are obliged to follow the rules and regulations of that resort. The Club Guidelines and Regulations may be amended from time to time in accordance with the Constitution.

Transfer of Ownership – for more information about policy changes regarding combined Ownerships please click here.

Club Wyndham South Pacific Resort Directory
The Club Wyndham South Pacific Resort Directory will keep you informed about resorts with information including accommodation options, seasonality and credit charts.
Hardship Arrangements
ASIC Corporations (Time-sharing Schemes) Instrument 2017/272 as amended by ASIC on 12 December 2020 contained provisions that provided relief to responsible entities from the requirement to treat owners equally by allowing an amendment to time-sharing schemes’ constitutions to facilitate hardship withdrawals. The Responsible Entity determined that amending the Club Constitution, to include the hardship provisions, was not in the best interest of Club Owners. Accordingly, there are no provisions in the Club Constitution which permit withdrawal from the Club by an Owner due to hardship however you may rent, lend, gift, sell or transfer your Ownership. If you are experiencing hardship, contact the Consumer Finance team who can discuss available options with you on the following:
Telephone: 1300 80 160 (AU)
0800 850 160 (NZ)
00 800 32 63 (FJ)
+61 5512 8021 (Intl)
Mail: PO Box 7493, Gold Coast MC, Bundall QLD 9726, Australia

The Club’s Constitution and the law allow the Responsible Entity (at its absolute discretion) to forfeit Ownership of Vacation Credits in the event of a continuing default regarding:

  • a finance agreement used to fund the acquisition of Vacation Credits;
  • annual levies; or
  • any other payment due and owing by the Owner to the Club.

The Responsible Entity will take the following steps if it forfeits Vacation Credits, in accordance with ASIC Corporations (Time Sharing Schemes) Instrument 2017/272 as amended:

  • A notice will be issued advising the Owner that they have one month to pay all outstanding monies to avoid a forfeiture of Vacation Credits;
  • If the default is not remedied within this time, the Vacation Credits may be forfeited and reasonable efforts will be made to sell the Vacation Credits at the price shown in any PDS given in the 12 months before the forfeiture sale or if no PDS is issued in that period, at a fair market price.
  • The proceeds of sale will be applied in the following order: reasonable sale and administrative costs; repayment of any outstanding amounts to the Club or the Responsible Entity as scheme property; outstanding amounts payable by the Owner to the Responsible Entity other than as scheme property; amounts payable to a financier relating to the liability of the Owner to that financier for financial accommodation in connection with the acquisition of the forfeited Vacation Credits; and any remaining net amount is paid to the Owner.
  • If the proceeds of sale are insufficient to pay all outstanding monies, the Owner remains indebted for the balance and the Responsible Entity has the discretion on whether to pursue the Owner for any monies that remain outstanding.