The purpose of annual levies [link to the “payment of annual levies” page] is to maintain club assets and the club itself.

If you do not pay your annual levies, then you will be unable to use your vacation ownership – for example, you will not be able to make new reservations and your existing stays may be cancelled. If you think of your vacation ownership as a holiday home, you may face having your services cut off to your home and further action taken if you did not pay your rates and utilities charges.

Levies are payable as long as you retain vacation credits in the club, regardless of whether you use – or are able to use – your vacation credits. If a significant number of owners or the Developer failed to pay their annual levies, this could affect the cashflow of the club and Wyndham’s ability to operate the club and its resorts, which would impact all owners.

If you are having trouble meeting your obligations due to financial hardship, our Consumer Finance team would like to know immediately. Please contact them using the following details:
AU: 1800 021 129

NZ: 0800 558 668

FJ: 008 003 263

Intl: +61 7 5512 8038