Huddled on the shores of the stunning Lake Schliersee is the eponymous township – with shingled roofs and white-washed houses, this gorgeous village recalls an older, slower era.  If you gaze south, you’ll see jagged, snow-capped mountain ranges that lend the area a beautiful isolation and form a picturesque backdrop for lakeside photos.  With hiking trails, water activities and a pure alpine atmosphere, this is the perfect destination for those craving a European escape and the chance to reset body and mind.

Mountains are an intrinsic part of the Bavarian landscape, and, if you’re visiting Schliersee, you’ll have a chance to climb some of the most magnificent.  From gentle lakeside walking paths to more extreme trails that snake over forested ridges, there’s something to suit every fitness level.  Rotwand features well-maintained tracks that culminate in panoramic views, while more formidable sites like Brecherspitz and Breitenstein combine hiking routes with rock-climbing.  Even if you’re not the biggest fan of walking, the amazing views and beautiful landscapes make a little bit of sweat well worth it.

During winter, Schliersee and its surrounds are blanketed with snow, meaning that there’s plenty of opportunities go skiing and snowboarding.  Places like the Roßkopf and Spitzingsattel are great for experienced skiiers; if you’re not confident, check out ski resorts like Oedberglifte and Sudelfeld, which have gentle slopes designed for beginners.

For those who want to relax indoors, there’s plenty of in-town options to explore.  Markus Wasmeier Freilichtmuseum is an interactive museum with a range of antique Bavarian artefacts, as well as demonstrations of ancient craftsmanship techniques like weaving and pole turning.  Fend off the winter chill with a trip to Slyrs Destillerie, which is one of the region’s leading whiskey manufacturers; enjoy an introductory film, followed by a tour of the distillery and a sampling session.  The antique church of St. Sixtus is a Schliersee landmark, and must-see for anyone interested in Bavarian history.

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