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I have been on many amazing Travel Club tours organised by their wonderful team to places I had never had on my ‘bucket list’ , enjoying every moment, with unbelievable experiences and meeting fantastic fellow travellers.
However my 5 day trip to Wanaka NZ with my four eldest granddaughters (16 &18) was a most memorable time as we shared many experiences and lots of laughs as we walked around Wanaka with the lake flooded, strolled through the lavender farm, took a helicopter ride with the girls having their first experience in the snow, parasailing, bungy  swing for 3 of them, ensen baths, ziplining, gondola ride and  luge as well as appreciating the spectacular scenery as we drove from Wanaka across the Crown Range Mountains or via Cromwell to Queenstown and most of the activities.
Before we left Melbourne, I had a phone call from the people at Club Wyndham Wanaka to let me know that the lake was flooded and much of the town cut off making grocery shopping difficult and suggesting we stop near the airport in Queenstown to make our purchases. Once we arrived in Wanaka, nothing was too much trouble and all the staff were friendly and there to help with anything we needed. Some of the activities we had booked through Bookme NZ, were cancelled due to the floods but we were able to get instant refunds and look at other activities.
I asked the girls to give me their impressions in a sentence or two…

‘New Zealand was a wonderful experience filled with amazing daily activities surrounded by spectacular scenery. I loved every minute of it.’

’Even though Queenstown is labelled the adventure capital, the scenery was amazing and gave off a calming vibe. I still can’t get over how beautiful the mountains were with the snow in the distance.’

’I had the best time in beautiful New Zealand participating in several activities including some extreme and some very fun ones!!! I can’t explain enough how good our accommodation was with the full set up for our family with a great pool and sauna we spent lots of time in! Would definitely go back and happily stay at Wyndham’.

Since the girls were little, the 5 of us have spent a week together each year at a Club Wyndham resort both in Australia and overseas.

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