Privileges Fee Reduction Announcement

December 4, 2020 | Owner Announcements


This year has been a challenging one for travel and, as a consequence, our travel and entertainment plans have been either cancelled or disrupted.

As you have not been able to fully utilise your Privileges benefits, we have implemented a significant reduction of your fees for both November and December. The discount is based upon the cost of the benefits that continue to be available through the program.

Earlier in the year, Privileges fees were reduced by 12.5 per cent. The reduction announced today is equivalent to an additional 31.5 per cent discount for the months of November and December (meaning the fees for those months will be 44 per cent lower than the fees from January 2020). If you have already paid your membership fee for November and/or December, the reduction will appear as a credit toward your next payment.

You will be able to continue accessing the program benefits, apart from those that are currently suspended. This year, some benefits have been suspended either because they were impacted directly by COVID-19 restrictions or the necessary transactions could not be conducted in this environment reliably for either the consumer or for the Developer, Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific. For example, once vacation credits are exchanged for travel products, the transaction cannot be undone in the event of a third party provider’s unsatisfactory refund or deferment policy.

Club Wyndham South Pacific’s COVID-19 cancellation policy has allowed many owners to use credits that would have been lost but there is no way to implement similar measures to recall exchanged credits through Privileges.

The following benefits remain available under the program, effective from 1 December 2020:


  • Fun Time (longer booking windows)
  • Club Wyndham Plus/WorldMark, The Club resorts
  • Privileges Holiday Extras
  • Wyndham Hotels & Resorts cash discounts

Privileges Elite

  • Privileges Lifestyle discounts
  • RCI Elite benefits (including discounted exchange fees)
  • Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi (being rolled out)
  • Club Wyndham Asia access

Privileges Diamond

  • Priority reservations team
  • Complimentary housekeeping

Privileges Platinum

  • Complimentary parking
  • Platinum upgrades

100 Club

  • 100 Club welcome packs
  • Lifestyle adventures

We will continue to monitor the situation in the coming months. Even though border restrictions have started to ease, the travel and hospitality industries are still in uncharted waters and we thank you for your patience in advance.

If you have any queries about the payment of your Privileges membership, please contact accounts.receivable@wyn.com

Your Privileges team

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