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July 30, 2020 | Club Wyndham Updates, Latest Announcements


We have recently reviewed the exchange programs currently being utilised by Club Wyndham South Pacific owners and would like to clarify the options available to all Club owners.

Exclusive RCI Agreement
Wyndham Vacation Clubs South Pacific, the responsible entity for the Club, has a current agreement with RCI which entitles RCI to be the exclusive timeshare exchange provider to the ClubIn exchange for entering into the exclusive agreement, RCI has provided significant discounts to membership and exchange fees. There are no other current exchange agreements in place.

RCI has recently become aware that exchange transactions with other exchange companies have taken place in recent years and has requested that the Club cease dealing with these other exchange providers, in compliance with the RCI agreement.

Going forward, Club owners will only be able to exchange and bank their credits with RCI and not with any other exchange provider including DAE and Interval International.

DAE and Interval International
The Responsible Entity has never had a formal exchange agreement with DAE.

There are also no current agreements between Interval International and the Club. In recognition of former agreements (i.e. prior to 2006) with Interval International, the Club will cease exchanges through Interval International progressively (for existing Interval International members only) with complete cessation as at 31 July 2021.

We have directed Interval International not to promote or accept exchanges past that date and not to accept Club Wyndham credits for exchanges from any Club Wyndham owner who joins (or renews  membership with) Interval International after the date of this notice.

In summary

  • No exchanges (or credit banking) will be facilitated with DAE effective immediately
  • Existing Interval International members can continue to use their membership and exchange only (not bank credits) until 31 July 2021
  • The exclusive agreement with RCI provides significant discounts on membership and exchange costs to all Club owners

We have set up a FAQ section on your Club website to address queries you may have in relation to this notice here.

If you have any queries regarding an exchange with RCI you can visit here or contact your owner services team:
AU: 1300 850 160
NZ: 0800 850 160
FJ: 00 800 32 63
Intl: +61 7 5512 8021

Warren Cullum
Vice President Operations

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