Tasmanian luxury

We have visited 26 different Wyndham resorts in Australia and overseas. At Wyndham at Seven Mile Beach we had a large luxurious apartment which was very convenient to cover the tourist spots around Hobart and SE Tasmania. A car is a necessity as Seven Mile Beach is a good drive from the city centre, but it is worth the drive to be beside the beach for lovely walks at sunset. This unit had a beautiful big spa bath (from which a little green frog had to be evicted) which was a great place to relax with a drink after a busy day of sightseeing. Hobart has so much to see and do, so a week is needed to cover all the historic sights. There are also many areas in SE Tasmania which my husband cycled to visit while I drove to them. Travelling to Tassie with the Spirit of Tasmania Ferry is a great beginning to the Tasmanian adventure and a handy way to have your own car to drive there. We’d love to go back and take the family as it was so roomy to take a big family. The Resort playground and pool in the complex would suit the grandchildren too. Native animals visited the area too which was delightful.

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