Dream bigger, explore further, and make more memories with Lifestyle by Wyndham.   The Lifestyle by Wyndham program is an optional program offered by the Developer that can:

  • Enhance your Club Wyndham South Pacific stays
  • Provide you with options to help you travel further
  • Save you money on everyday expenses

Lifestyle Benefits

Lifestyle Benefits is a tiered benefits program of five levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and 100 Club. Each successive level provides more benefits to help you take your holidays to the next level, including special onsite touches and ways to exchange your points to unlock new properties and new travel experiences.

Club Wyndham South Pacific owners can become Lifestyle Benefits members if you have purchased your credits direct from the Developer, Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific, and pay an annual membership fee,  determined by your tier level in the program. If you are a Lifestyle Benefits member, these credits purchased from the Developer are called “Lifestyle Qualified Credits”.

Some of the key benefits of the program include:

  • Membership and lower exchange fees with RCI, the world’s leading provider of vacation exchange, with a portfolio of 4,200 exchange resorts
  • Access to discounted stays at more than 600,000 hotels around the world through RCI membership
  • Exchanging Lifestyle Qualified Credits for Wyndham Rewards points, and utilising these at 8,900 hotels, vacation ownership properties and vacation rentals around the world
  • Exchanging Lifestyle Qualified Credits for curated travel packages through Our Vacation Centre
  • Exchanging Lifestyle Qualified Credits for motorhome holidays or cruises
  • Free use of PressReader app at Club Wyndham South Pacific managed resorts
  • Welcome packs, wine, robes and slippers
  • Complimentary housekeeping and room upgrades (conditions apply)

Lifestyle Offers

Lifestyle Offers showcases exclusive offers and deals on goods, services and experiences from more than 4,500 leading brands consumers know and trust. Offers cover products and experiences you can use while on holiday, including discounts on restaurants and cafes, airport transfers, car hire, insurance and motorhome rental – or you can save on everyday expenses like fuel, phone plans, trades and groceries.

Any Club Wyndham South Pacific owner can become a member of Lifestyle Offers by visiting the website, lifestylebywyndham.com.

Both Lifestyle Benefits and Lifestyle Offers are provided by Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, the Developer of Club Wyndham South Pacific, and the benefits provided can be added, removed, changed or updated at any time.

What fees do I pay?

The fees and costs associated with ownership, include the following:

Purchase price

This is the one-off cost you pay for your vacation ownership in Club Wyndham South Pacific, determined by the price of vacation credits in the Product Disclosure Statement at the time of purchase.

Annual Levies

Annual levies are your share of the annual operating budget of the club, based on the number of vacation credits you own. See: Finance and Levies on the Owners FAQs to find out more about how annual levies are calculated.


If you have entered into a financing arrangement with Finance by Wyndham Pty Ltd to pay for your vacation ownership you will have regular finance payments to make. The exact amount you pay will depend on your individual circumstances. You may also choose to obtain your own financing which is subject to its own fees and costs.

Lifestyle by Wyndham membership fee

This is the flat annual fee to be a member of the Lifestyle by Wyndham tiered benefits program, which entitles you to an array of additional benefits and ways to use your ownership. Find out more here. This can be paid annually, monthly, or fortnightly.  You will be told this amount when you join the club and each year the annual fee will be stated in your annual levies statement.

The Lifestyle by Wyndham program is separate and distinct from the club and comprises of benefits made available only by the Developer. The Developer can add, remove, change or update benefits at any time. Lifestyle membership can be cancelled at any time.

Transfer fees

This fee is payable to the club upon requesting a transfer of ownership, change of name or transfer of credits. See the latest PDS here for more details.