Welcome to Club Wyndham
South Pacific

To start, on behalf of the Club Wyndham South Pacific we would like to congratulate and welcome you to our community! This is where you will find everything you need to start your journey across the Asia Pacific.


Vacation Credits

Firstly, note that Vacation Credits are the currency of Club Wyndham. As a Club Wyndham owner, you acquire your allotment of vacation credits annually. This amount is credited to your Club Wyndham account on your anniversary date every year, valid for two years.

Using vacation credits provides you with the flexibility to holiday at any and all of our  Club resorts located across South East Asia. Choose your destination, decide on a season to travel, and your desired length of stay . Use the balance of vacation credits to reserve rooms based on resort availability.

Using Vacation Credits

Booking a Club Wyndham holiday is as simple as following these four easy steps. Research your destination, choose the season and length of time you wish to travel, your room size and and BOOK!

Every Club Wyndham South Pacific Resort has a unique credit chart with unique seasonal dates and corresponding credit charges per night. Start by choosing your holiday destination and see the credit chart for exact totals, which will be automatically be withdrawn from your Club Wyndham Account at time of booking.

As a Premier Owner (Owner) of Club Wyndham South Pacific you have the option to borrow and save, some or all of your vacation credits from the previous or future year to provide more credits for a longer stay. With the assumption that Levies for all years have been paid.

All unused credits will automatically carry over to the following year, however will still expire on their pre-determined expiry date (as credits are valid for two years, they will expire two years after the issued date), unless you have an accepted reservation in accordance with the Guidelines and Regulations in respect of those credits.