What are annual levies?

One of the joys of being a Club Wyndham South Pacific owner is knowing you’ll enjoy recently refurbished accommodation and intelligent service every time you holiday! It is just one of the differences about a club stay compared to renting a hotel room.

Levies play a critical role in covering refurbishments, maintenance, operations and repairs at Club Wyndham South Pacific properties. If you think of your vacation ownership as your “holiday home”, annual levies are your contribution toward the expenses of that home: rates, infrastructure charges, insurance, taxes, utilities and other ongoing servicing.

What do levies cover?

Levies are the main source of revenue for meeting the annual expenses of the non-profit Club Wyndham South Pacific. These expenses include:

  • Housekeeping, landscaping and maintenance
  • Staffing of resorts
  • Rates, insurance and other property taxes
  • Utilities
  • Body corporate fees
  • General administration fees
  • Resort management costs
  • A reserve fund for refurbishments
  • Club management including the provision of all legal, financial, human resource, IT and reservation services

The amount of levies each owner pays depends on the vacation credits they own. Owners with more credits logically spend more time at club resorts, so their levies will be higher.