Holiday Exchange

  • The RCI holiday exchange system allows owners, who are RCI members, to exchange Club Wyndham South Pacific vacation credits for a week of time at any available RCI Affiliated Resort
  • When RCI members deposit their holiday entitlements (credits or weeks) with RCI they are placed into a central availability pool called the RCI exchange pool. This is where all the deposits of RCI members from around the globe are stored and owners are able to select a holiday from it
  • The holiday options that RCI can offer depend on what is available in the pool, at the time and relies on other members to deposit their holiday entitlements at their Club or timeshare resort
  • If there is no availability for the location, room size or dates the owner wishes to travel, owners are able to request an ongoing search whereby the system searches 24 hours a day, seven days a week to find a match. Once a match is found, RCI will make contact with the owner to confirm if they wish to book that week of time

Instant Exchange

  • Instant Exchange allows RCI members booking within 30 days of check-in to pay a flat fee of 3,000 vacation credits per exchange week regardless of unit, size, seasonality or region
  • Owners are not able to place an ongoing search for an Instant Exchange and need to call RCI direct or book online to confirm the reservation

Holiday Rentals

  • Holiday Rentals are additional, non-exchange accommodation options available just for RCI members at discounted cash rates or converted into a Vacation Credit rate that may exceed the standard RCI exchange chart
  • Holiday Rentals give RCI members travel opportunities at popular destinations that may not have any exchange accommodation available

RCI Key Points

  • Exchanges with RCI require an exchange fee
  • Lifestyles qualified credits can be banked with RCI for two years
  • There are more than 4,000 resorts in 100 countries
  • Available for weekly stays
  • Bookings are subject to availability
  • A housekeeping token or housekeeping charge will apply for each week confirmed, (amount charged will depend on room size confirmed with RCI)