Annual levies are your share of the annual costs budgeted by the club, based on the number of vacation credits you own. The club determines your annual levy once it has determined the overall operating budget of the club for the forthcoming year.

In your first year, you will be required to pay a pro-rata proportion of annual levies which corresponds to the amount of the calendar year in which you will hold vacation credits – for example, if you bought your ownership in July, you will pay six months’ worth of annual levies.

For the calendar year from 1 January 2023, owners pay $753.01 for the first 6,000 to 7,500 vacation credits they own and, for every increment of 2,500 vacation credits, an additional amount equal to $753.01 x 23.07% (0.2307).

Premier or standard 6,000 – 7,500 $753.01
7,501 – 10,000 $926.72
10,001 – 12,500 $1,100.43
12,501 – 15,000 $1,274.14
15,001 – 17,500 $1,447.85
17,501 – 20,000* $1,621.56

*Use the formula indicated above to calculate annual levies on vacation credits above 20,000.

The amount you pay in levies cannot be negotiated. Annual levies can be paid on an annual, monthly, or fortnightly basis.

Annual levies may be increased annually, however, the increased amount is limited to 5% or the increase to the Consumer Price Index for Australia – whichever is higher. The increase was 4.97% in 2023.

Your Annual Levy statement will be made available on your online owner account on or by 1 December each year, for the following year. Email notice will be provided to owners when these statements are available.