Housekeeping tokens

After you have finished your stay, our housekeeping team will clean and freshen your apartment for the next owners visiting.

A housekeeping token is required for every club stay in order to cover the cost of this housekeeping. All owners receive housekeeping tokens annually – one housekeeping token for the first 19,999 credits or less they own, then one housekeeping token for every additional 10,000 credits they own.

Vacation credits owned Number of housekeeping tokens per year
6,000 – 19,999 One
20,000 – 29,999 Two
30,000 – 39,999 Three
40,000 – 49,999 Four
50,000 – 59,999 Five
60,000 – 69,999 Six
70,000 – 79,999 Seven
80,000 – 89,999 Eight
90,000 – 99,999 Nine

Housekeeping tokens are renewed on your Anniversary Date every year and, just like credits, they have a validity of two years. Similarly, the housekeeping tokens only need to be part of an accepted reservation by that expiry date – the holiday does not need to have been taken. You may also borrow tokens from the next year’s allocation, provided you have paid your annual levies for that year.

If you have a split reservation where you change resort or apartment, another housekeeping token is required for the move. Housekeeping tokens are also required when making bookings at Associate Resorts or through exchange provider, RCI.

Members of Lifestyle Gold and higher tiers of Lifestyle Benefits membership may be eligible for complimentary housekeeping if their holiday meets a minimum number of nights and they have already utilised their annual allocation of housekeeping tokens.

If you do not have a current token in your account and want to use your credits, a housekeeping fee will apply.

Housekeeping fees 2024

Room Type Fee (inc. GST)
Standard Studio $106.00
1 Bedroom $121.00
2 Bedroom $134.00
3 Bedroom $148.00
Deluxe Studio $115.00
1 Bedroom $129.00
2 Bedroom $143.00
3 Bedroom $154.00
4 Bedroom $165.00
Grand Studio $131.00
1 Bedroom $145.00
2 Bedroom $157.00
3 Bedroom $168.00
4 Bedroom $221.00
Presidential Studio $148.00
1 Bedroom $160.00
2 Bedroom $171.00
3 Bedroom $226.00
4 Bedroom $250.00

Some Lifestyle by Wyndham exchanges facilitated by the Developer, Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific, require housekeeping tokens or an averaged fee, if no tokens are available.