Could you summarise the changes with housekeeping tokens?

There are two changes:

  • Housekeeping tokens (or fees) are required for any exchange transactions to use developer benefits
  • There is a minimum night stay criteria for the complimentary housekeeping benefit available to Privileges Diamond, Platinum and 100 Club tiers


Exchange transactions


What exchange benefits need housekeeping tokens?

If you exchange your annual Vacation Credits for any of the below benefits you will need to also provide one or more housekeeping tokens:

  • Travel Club – including Club Wyndham To/From, Club Tours, Personal Choice, Urban Escapes
  • Wyndham Rewards
  • RCI Rentals
  • ICE Cruises
  • Privileges Holiday Extras


How many housekeeping tokens are required?

  • It depends on the number of Vacation Credits you are exchanging. One token is needed for the first 19,999 credits and another token for each and every subsequent 10,000 credits (or part thereof), for example.
  • You cannot borrow a token from next year and the complimentary housekeeping benefit does not apply to exchanges.

What if I don’t have any housekeeping tokens?

  • If you have exhausted your annual Club allocation of housekeeping tokens, you will need to pay a housekeeping fee of AU$116 for each token required. This fee has been calculated on the average housekeeping cost in 2020 across all room types – and this fee may be adjusted in the future to factor in a yearly price increase.

Can I choose between using housekeeping tokens or paying the housekeeping fee?

  • You cannot choose. When you make a booking where a housekeeping token is required, any available housekeeping tokens in your account must be used first. Only if there is no housekeeping token available will you need to pay the fee.
  • Also, if you qualify for the complimentary housekeeping benefit, you will only receive complimentary housekeeping when there are no housekeeping tokens in your account.

Complimentary housekeeping benefit

What is the change to the complimentary housekeeping benefit?

  • Minimum night stays are now applicable before the complimentary housekeeping benefit can be used. They are:
    • Five nights or more, if you are trialling Privileges Diamond
    • Four nights or more, if you are a Privileges Diamond member or trialling Privileges Platinum
    • Three nights or more, if you are a Privileges Platinum or 100 Club member
  • All other terms remain the same – this benefit is not an exchange so you can borrow a token from next year if you have one available or pay the relevant housekeeping fee which depends on room size.
  • If you are booking online and your stay qualifies for a complimentary token, you will need to borrow a token from next year and our team will refund it back to you.


When is a housekeeping fee charged for a Club Wyndham South Pacific stay?

  • Housekeeping is payable for each and every vacation credit reservation. Club owners receive a number of tokens to be used in lieu of the fee each year. An owner will only need to pay a housekeeping fee if:
    • Your annual allocation of housekeeping tokens is exhausted
    • Your stay does not meet the minimum night stay required for complimentary housekeeping, if you qualify for that benefit
    • You have no housekeeping tokens to borrow from next year


Please explain this AU$116 figure for housekeeping…

  • This is the fee payable in lieu of housekeeping tokens required for exchange transactions only and where no housekeeping tokens are available.
  • AU$116 is the average housekeeping cost in 2020 across all room types – and this fee may be adjusted in the future to factor in a yearly price increase.
  • This fee is separate from any housekeeping fee that may be payable for a Club stay which is based on room size.

What is the validity of a housekeeping token?

  • Housekeeping tokens have the same validity as your credits – they are valid for 2 years, so unused tokens carry over and you can borrow from next year.