Red Season and 13 Month Booking Window Rule

1. When booking during Red Season (Red, Red 1 and Red 2), the below restrictions apply:

      • Bookings made more than 9 months in advance have a minimum 7 nights stay. The seven nights can be split across two or more resorts, assuming the seven nights are consecutive (Note: bookings cannot extend past 13 months prior to stay as the standard booking window still applies.
      • Bookings made within 9 months of stay have no minimum night stay required.

2. Vacation Credit reservations may be made up to 13 months prior to the requested arrival date, and may extend beyond 13 months if the stay is continuous and uninterrupted with the exclusion of any consecutive reservations where segments are booked at 2 or more Resorts during Red Season (“Grouped                    Reservation”). When Owners make a Group Reservation, the first night of stay at each resort in a Grouped Reservation must fall within 13 months from the              date that Grouped Reservation is made.

3. Any changes to bookings where the new arrival date is outside the original 13 month booking window will result in cancellation and require a new reservation.

7 Night Minimum

A seven-night minimum stay applies if you book in Red Season/ Red Season 1/ Red Season 2 more than 9 months prior to arrival date
– This can be split between resorts as long as there is 7 consecutive nights
– You can book less than 7 nights if it is within 9 months of the arrival date;
– Housekeeping applies to each separate reservation
– If there is not 7 consecutive nights available you can book the only space available, but must book all the nights available at the time of booking.
– Reservations made outside of 9 months for the minimum 7 nights that wish to be shortened are required to cancel the original booking and wait 48 hours to rebook less than 7 nights.
– If you have a continuous stay booking in Red season and want to cancel a portion of the stay, you are required to rebook at another resort to replace the nights cancelled or cancel the entire reservation and are then subject to the 48 hour rule.

Weekend Rule

An Owner may have one Weekend Only Reservation at a time for each block of 6,000 credits owned, e.g., 6,000-11,000 Vacation Credits = one Weekend Only Reservation; 12,000–17,000 Vacation Credits = two Weekend Only Reservations.

There is a two night minimum stay when either a Friday or a Saturday are included in the reservation, subject to two nights being available. However, if only one night is available over the weekend that night alone can be booked.

Bookings must contain a 2 night minimum when either a Friday or Saturday is included.

48 Hour Rule

There is a 48 hours waiting period between a cancellation and a new reservation if you:
– cancel a one week reservation in the red season and requests the same reservation for less than one week within 9 months or less
– cancel a credit reservation and request the same reservation as Bonus Time/Fun Time and originally booked outside the Bonus Time/Fun Time window
– cancel a Bonus Time reservation and requests the same as a Guest Bonus Time booking within 5 days
– book on One Time Credits and then wish to change the booking to use credits awarded after the booking date
– are requesting a change to an existing reservation and the new arrival date is not within 13 months from the date the original reservation was made or, in the event of a Grouped Reservation, the first night of each segment is not within 13 months from the date the Reservation was made.