What are levies?


One of the joys of being a Club Wyndham owner is knowing that you’ll enjoy modern, recently-refurbished accommodation every time you holiday!

Levies play a crucial role in ensuring that refurbishments, maintenance, operation and repairs are kept up-to-date, so that you can expect ‘as new’ accommodation at every resort. Similar to a body corporate fee, levies are an annual maintenance fee paid by all owners.

Why are levies important? 


There is something special about enjoying fresh, modern accommodation every time you travel. It provides that ‘home away from home’ feel and is one of the key reasons why becoming a Club Wyndham owner is such a great decision.

Refurbishments, maintenance and repairs are only made possible through levies, which are paid annually by all owners. The amount of levies you pay depends on how many vacation credits you own. Owners with more credits spend more time at club resorts, and so their levies will be higher.

The contribution each owner makes to club operations and upkeep of resorts is allocated towards expenses like landscaping, staffing, general administration fees and a reserve fund for refurbishments.