All Premier Club Wyndham South Pacific owners have benefits extended to them by the club’s Developer, Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific, which can be withdrawn or changed at any time.

Some of these benefits are offered to all Premier Owners – for example, Associate Resorts – and others are available only through the Lifestyle by Wyndham Benefits program. Developer benefits include:

  • Associate Resorts
  • Wyndham Rewards exchange
  • Complimentary RCI membership
  • Motorhome hire
  • Cruises
  • Travel Exchange
  • Welcome gifts

Owners can also access other Developer benefits including Fun Time and One Time Credits, which are single use credits that you can exchange for accommodation at club properties, subject to terms and conditions. All Developer benefits are separate and distinct from club ownership and can be added, removed or changed at any point in time.

How Developer exchanges work
The Developer purchases products or services at its own cost and provides them to owners in exchange for credits in Club Wyndham South Pacific. The Developer recovers the costs it incurs from the use or sale of bookings made with these credits. As the Developer promotes and sells vacation credits, it is continually looking at ways in which it can assist owners to use their credits and enjoy the benefits of ownership.

When providing Developer benefits, the Developer’s objective is to provide these benefits to owners while achieving a financial balance. The Developer does not look to profit from exchanging credits, however does aim to cover costs and not make a loss. This is why Developer benefits change from time to time and why we always state that Developer benefits (unlike your Club benefits) can change or be removed, as market conditions such as demand for the benefits or the cost of providing these benefits continually change.

The Developer monetises the credits it receives from owners by making bookings in Club properties and providing them to its guests, just as all club owners are entitled to do, subject to club guidelines. The Developer may sell the bookings through online platforms or other avenues, or sell the credits themselves via Developer benefits like One Time credits and Fun Time. Many current owners would have first trialed club accommodation through a discounted stay made possible through these exchange mechanisms.

Club rooms
You may sometimes see club apartments available online because they are Developer bookings, or because the club has apartments at mixed-use properties which include Developer or third party owned rooms available to the general public (for example, Ramada Resort by Wyndham Rotorua Marama or Club Wyndham Surfers Paradise).

The club may also make surplus inventory available online, with all proceeds received applied toward the club’s operating costs.

It is important to note that the Developer must comply with the same booking rules as any Club Wyndham South Pacific owner when it makes bookings (for example, the 13-month window).

These bookings do not place additional pressure on availability. The Developer is making bookings with credits which would otherwise be used by owners. The total amount of credits on issue and club inventory does not change.

We hope the information has provided you with a more complete knowledge about how Developer benefits work.