Dreamland Beach Property Update

We regret to inform you that the reopening of Club Wyndham Dreamland Bali, Indonesia, has been further delayed.

Last July, we advised all Club Wyndham South Pacific owners of the unforeseen challenges facing the property, which you can read here. The joint venture parties (“JV Owners”) have not been able to reach agreement yet and the advice we continue to receive is that we must delay the reopening of the club apartments.

This is, again, a disappointing development. However, our Owner Services team has been diligent in supporting owners due to stay to find alternative accommodation at similar standards, while our Acquisitions team is close to finalising some Associate Resort options on the island. This will ensure owners have options to use their credits for accommodation in Bali while we continue to encourage agreement with the JV Owners.

New bookings at Club Wyndham Dreamland Bali
We have extended the block on new bookings at Club Wyndham Dreamland Bali to apply to check-in dates on or before October 31, 2023. Closing for this period is to minimise the number of owners affected in the event of an ongoing closure – however, if an agreement is reached between the JV partners that allows the resort to open earlier, we will immediately notify owners and open for new bookings prior to this date.

Upcoming bookings at Club Wyndham Dreamland Bali
If you have an existing booking at Club Wyndham Dreamland Bali with a check-in date prior to October 31, 2023, the team will proactively reach out to check if you still wish to travel there or cancel your booking.

Once associate inventory is announced, you will also be able to cancel your booking and rebook at one of the Associate Resorts that suit your holiday needs. However, please note that if you do not cancel your club accommodation and the club provides you with alternative accommodation you will not be able to nominate preferred accommodation.

Owner Services will send all owners with confirmed bookings in Bali during this period a link through email for you to complete to let us know your decision. This must be completed at least 30 days from your departure, at the latest. Flights to Bali continue to be in high demand so we also recommend you check or book your flights prior to confirming your booking.

If you decide to cancel, this can be done without penalty, and if your reservation held expired credits, these will be returned to your ownership with a new travel date, within 14 days of confirming via the webform of your cancellation. So far, the Owner Services team has contacted owners with a check-in date prior to March 31. Owners with a check-in date between April 1 and October 31 will be contacted shortly to confirm.

There is no need to call the Owner Services team directly; they will progressively work through the owners affected based upon their travel dates. Once Club Wyndham Dreamland Bali is open, bookings will go ahead as usual.

Associate Resorts
We will soon be able to announce new Associate Resorts in Bali. All Associate Resorts are benefits provided by the Developer, Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific, and will include conditions set by the Developer, such as 180 days’ validity and reservation windows based on Lifestyle by Wyndham tier.

Once these Associate Resorts become available, owners with affected reservations at Club Wyndham Dreamland Bali may choose to cancel their reservation and rebook at an Associate Resort.

We have explored every avenue to reopen Club Wyndham Dreamland Bali since its closure and we continue to do everything we can behind the scenes with the guidance of professional advisors in Indonesia. Thank you for your patience and our resort team looks forward to welcoming owners back in the future.

Warren Cullum
Senior Vice President Operations

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