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A dedicated web resource to provide you with important information about your club resorts and ownership during the pandemic, along with helpful tips, fun activities and distractions for those quiet days at home.

Lifestyle Benefit – Travel Exchange

  Travel Exchange* Now Available Travel Exchange allows Lifestyle Gold, Platinum and 100 Club members to travel further, offering curated travel packages available to be booked using Lifestyle Qualified Credits. Travel Exchange packages are prov

Meditation and Mindfulness

Layne Beachley – Mindfulness in Gardening

Mindfulness is the art of bringing one’s attention to the experiences happening in the present moment. Layne recommends gardening as a great way to practice grounding, and as a way to stay calm and connected during these uncertain times. For more o

This or That – Travel Edition

What's your travel style? Are you more a grounded adventurer, or do you prefer the fancy life? Would you rather wake up near the beach maybe with sand still on your toes, or would you prefer to wake and see the mist on the mountains? Tell us in the c

What’s Your Bucket List Tunes?

What are the 'must-have' tunes that are on your music playlist? The tunes that you can't live without, or the tunes that make you just get up and dance!

Book Reviews

Share Your Bucket List Books

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