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A dedicated web resource to provide you with important information about your club resorts and ownership during the pandemic, along with helpful tips, fun activities and distractions for those quiet days at home.

Resort Availability Update – 16 September

  The COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions to limit its spread has brought about the forced cancellation of thousands of Club Wyndham South Pacific reservations. Our teams have strived to minimise the impact on owners by making our cancellatio

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Club Wyndham Travel Quiz 1

Round two to test your travel knowledge is here! Download the Club Wyndham Travel Quiz PDF file below by clicking on the image to view all questions (and answers).

Meditation and Mindfulness

How to take care in self-isolation

Latest Activities

What’s your favourite things?

Let's get to know one another better. Tell us in the comments below what your favourite things are, using images, GIFs and emoticons. Be creative!

Meditation and Mindfulness

Today I’m #wynning

Doing things each day that makes you feel good are important to get through these challenging times. Perhaps you did something that gave you a sense of achievement  or perhaps it was something selfless for someone else? Tell us which of the items be