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A dedicated web resource to provide you with important information about your club resorts and ownership during the pandemic, along with helpful tips, fun activities and distractions for those quiet days at home.

Resort Update – 6 July

CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT RESTRICTIONS The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve in Australia and we are responding to the latest directions from state governments and health authorities. During the weekend, the Victorian Government expanded the number o

What’s Your Bucket List Tunes?

What are the 'must-have' tunes that are on your music playlist? The tunes that you can't live without, or the tunes that make you just get up and dance!

Share Your Bucket List Books

Share your 'must-read' books with us in the comments!  

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Helpful Daughter

Seven year old grand daughter went to her fathers house for tea last Sunday. Came home with a big smile on her face "Mum " she said "I did poo's at daddy's place to save your toilet paper"

Colouring Fun With Wynnie

Wynnie & Friends Kids’ Activity Corner Join Wynnie the Wallaby and her friends in the WYNDGREEN team as they help protect our beautiful planet! Print off these fun colouring-in  pages, or colour-in direct from your iPad! ----------------------