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A dedicated web resource to provide you with important information about your club resorts and ownership during the pandemic, along with helpful tips, fun activities and distractions for those quiet days at home.

Wyndham Garden Sapporo Odori

  With travel opening up more widely and more international travel options becoming available by the day, we are pleased to offer a new Associate Resort! WYNDHAM GARDEN SAPPORO ODORI Sapporo is a world-renowned snow destination in Japan with som

International property update

  As restrictions on international travel continue to ease across Asia Pacific, we would like to provide you with an update about Club Wyndham South Pacific’s Asian properties. Club Wyndham Dreamland Bali update In a previous email, we indicat

Additional inventory made available at three club locations!

  We are pleased to announce that club owners will have access to additional inventory at Club Wyndham Flynns Beach, Club Wyndham Airlie Beach and Club Wyndham Phillip Island until July next year! Please read on for more details. Inventory avail

Service with a smile – Owner Services and Education now onsite!

  We are pleased to announce that Club Wyndham Kirra Beach will soon have its own onsite Owner Services & Education consultant! Every year, Owner Information helps thousands of Club Wyndham South Pacific owners to get the most out of their o

IMPORTANT: Website update – two-step authentication

  To strengthen the security of your online Club Wyndham South Pacific account and your personal information, we are introducing a two-step authentication test when you log into the owner portal of the Club Wyndham South Pacific website. This wi

Change to Owner Services hours

  An email from Senior Vice President Operations, Warren Cullum, last week provided guidance that we expected the widely publicised third wave of COVID-19 may eventually impact our staffing levels or disrupt our supply chains. Unfortunately, a

Resort Report – July 2022

Club Wyndham South Pacific Services Update

  In the last few days, you may have seen more news coverage about a third wave of COVID-19, fueled by a more contagious variant. We are starting to see some signs of this third wave affecting the hospitality industry, and even our own operation

Dreamland Property Update

Please note that the planned opening date for Club Wyndham Dreamland Bali has been delayed. We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience. Extended closure of Club Wyndham Dreamland Bali It is very common in the hospitality industry – including the

Resort Report – June 2022

Travel continues to ramp up and we are seeing many owners booking the overseas holidays they have missed during the past two years. Restrictions persist in some areas, though, so we would encourage you to keep up-to-date with the latest advice both f

Update: International properties

COVID-19 travel restrictions are easing in most places around the world and demand for international travel is beginning to rise. Over the course of this year, the number of people travelling overseas is expected to increase sharply. We are writing t

Resort Report – May 2022

COVID-19 travel restrictions are easing in most places around the world and demand for international travel is starting to rise. Our resort operations and property development teams are at work making improvements to your properties for the present a

Resort Report – April 2022

We are excited to see how travel has made an incredible comeback in the last few months as travel restrictions across the South Pacific – and the world – have been eased.In this month’s Resort Report, we will provide you with details about new

Resort Report – March 2022

Associate Resort Update We are pleased to announce that you have an additional Associate resort to choose from! Starting today, you can use your vacation credits for stays at Ramada by Wyndham VetroBlu Scarborough in Perth, Western Australia for on

Resort Update – 21 March 2022

As the world takes steps to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, in some parts of the world it has been a very challenging start to 2022 with new types of crises emerging. Vast areas of the east coast of Australia have experienced devastating floods i

Resort Update – 1 March 2022

The challenges of the last couple of years have continued over the weekend, with flooding affecting parts of Queensland and New South Wales.Our thoughts are with our Club Wyndham South Pacific owners who are personally affected and our Owner Services

Resort Report – February 2022

In a pleasing development, travel restrictions have continued easing in the opening months of 2022. Australia has reopened for international tourism and New Zealand has released a plan for reopening. This month, we will provide you with some details

Resort Report – 28 January 2022

It has been a challenging start to the year for Club Wyndham South Pacific but, fortunately, all resorts have now been able to implement solutions to the staffing issues created by COVID-19 and the related isolation requirements.We all hope that trav

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Resort Report – Dec 2022

 The most exciting part of the year is just days away. All of us here at Club Wyndham South Pacific would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and an incredible 2023.But, before we sign off for the year, we have some exciting announcements to make in

CFO Liam Crawley on Annual Levies

Your 2023 annual Club Wyndham South Pacific levy statement can now be accessed through your owner dashboard. The Owner Information team recently put together an excellent explanation about how annual levies are used to ensure quality resort staff,

Latest News

Resort Report – Nov 2022

What Purpose do Club Wyndham Levies Serve?

With annual levies statements just days away from being issued to all Club Wyndham South Pacific owners, your Owner Information team would like to explain why you pay levies annually, where to access them and how to make a payment.Why You Pay Annual