Multifactor Authentication Troubleshooting & Tips

About Your 6-Digit Code

  • Your code is valid for 30 minutes from the time you request it.
  • If you close either the login box or your web browser within 30 minutes of requesting your code, the existing code will remain valid when you return to log in.
  • If you request a new code three times per login attempt, you will be prevented from requesting any more codes for 30 minutes.
  • Once a code is used or has expired, you no longer need to keep the code, email or SMS.
  • For additional security, you will not be able to request a passcode from the phone number/email selection screen if you have waited more than 30 minutes.


Receiving Your 6-digit Code

  • If you don’t recognise either the email address or phone number presented, you can request to update your details here. When providing your mobile/cell number, please use the following format: Country Code (eg; +61) followed by your number without the leading zero (eg; 437000111)
  • If you requested a code via email and it doesn’t arrive in your inbox, please check your mailbox’s Junk/SPAM folder
  • If you have requested a code via SMS and you have not received it, please make sure you are in a mobile-serviced area and have at least 1 bar of signal strength.
  • If you are having issues receiving your code via one method, it is recommended that you try using a different method.


Entering Your 6-Digit Code

  • Type in the 6-digit code provided. Avoid using autofill or copy and paste from the email as blank spaces can sometimes be included and the code will not be recognised.
  • You have three attempts to enter your code. If you enter the code incorrectly three times, you will need to request a new code. This can be done up to three times in a 30-minute period.

Once you have successfully logged in with a 6-digit code, you will not be prompted to enter another one for 2 hours.

Step by Step Guide in using MFA

1. Click the Login button

2. Enter the owner number and password and click Login.

The owner number and password need to be entered correctly to move to the next screen.

3. Select the method to obtain the 6-digit code – via the presented email addresses or mobile numbers and then click REQUEST PASSCODE

For added security, you should click Request Passcode no longer than 30 minutes from viewing this screen.

4. If you request a code via email you will receive this email with your passcode.

5. If you request a code via SMS you will receive this message with your passcode.

6. Once the passcode is received, type the code in the field provided and click Submit.

Click the Re-send button if you need to issue another code (via the previously selected method).

7. If successful, you will be logged in and be able to access the dashboard and make a booking.