10 Holiday Tips – To make holidaying simpler and help you stretch your dollars further!

  Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday 
Believe it or not, there tends to be up to a 15 to 25 per cent drop in price on a Tuesday or Wednesday compared to other days of the week!

Grab the hottest Club Wyndham deal
Unlike one-off promotions, which may get mislaid in the email inbox, ‘Grab It’ allows you to peruse fantastic accommodation packages and deals when it is convenient for you. Check it out at: grabit.worldmarksp.com

Travel in blue season
With fewer people competing for accommodation, securing a room that suits your travel needs (or that ideally positioned sun lounge beside the pool) is easier in blue season. Enjoy cheaper Credit rates, as well as less crowded attractions.

Pack like a pro
Avoid extra baggage fees by weighing your bags before you go. Another trick is to pack rolled up socks inside your shoes. This also helps preserve your shoe’s shape inside the suitcase. If you pack the heaviest items at the base (near the wheels), you will ensure that your bag remains balanced.

Get the best rate on your travel money
Avoid exchanging money at the airport. Remember the ATMs at your destination will dispense cash in local currency. Money exchange desks in the airport generally have high conversion rates, as well as extra fees.

Contact your credit card provider
Notify your providers of your trip. They may freeze your cards or delay your  approvals if they are unaware you are travelling. Unfamiliar spending patterns  generally cause them to suspect that cards are being used fraudulently.

 Photocopy your passport, itinerary and credit cards
Leave a copy behind with family or friends in case of emergency. Take a copy with you as  well – scan it and keep it in your email drafts or send it to yourself, so you can access it anywhere.

Pack any medication you require in carry-on luggage
Ensure you have additional medication in case of delays. Make sure medication is in original packaging in case Customs queries what it is for. With some  medications, you should also take a letter from your doctor stating why it is required.

Pack a change of clothes
Take additional clothes and necessary toiletries in your carry-on in case of luggage loss or delay.

Never pack house keys in check-in luggage
What could be worse than losing your luggage? Losing your luggage and then being locked out of your house!