How to get that secluded feeling on holiday

In the busy lives we lead, occasionally a sense of seclusion can be what’s needed to recharge and refocus. And doing this on holidays is even better! Below are just a few tips on how to get that secluded feeling on holiday, even if you are staying locally.

1. Switch off your phone/tablet/electronic devices, or at least limit the time you spend on them. Remember, you do want to feel like you are on holidays, not a work trip. Keep your social media addictiveness down to one session a day, and avoid checking it first thing in the morning (opt for the old fashioned newspaper if you don’t want the Big Brother style of isolation), and not right before bed. Plus, true seclusion is being in the middle of nowhere, not being contactable.


2. Do your research and book your dining and activity reservations prior to departure so you don’t have to think about anything or make annoying decisions like ‘what’s for dinner tonight?!’ Remember when things like school camp where so much fun, and no decision making was awesome? Yes we were kids, but I had a similar experience a few years ago at a safari camp in South Africa, where all meals and activities were pre-planned – just meet on the deck at the specified time. It really allowed us to enjoy the experience, knowing everything was already taken care of.


camp dinner

dinner prepared for you



3. Get out of your comfort zone. If you’re often in the office, or constantly multi-screening, get out into nature for at least an hour a day (we recommend a few more hours if you can afford it). Try a long walk on the beach (cliché I know, take a Frisbee or soccer ball, along with a companion, to break up the walk), a hinterland hike or exploration through rock pools, or walk to dinner instead of driving (but always stay safe when out at night). I find we end up walking lots on our holidays. It lets you take in more of the local environment, plus it burns calories as all we seem to do on holidays is eat – win win!


walking & playing on the beach

4. Pack sun-downer drinks and snacks to enjoy each day. Imagine relaxing, sun drenched from a lazy day, laying by the pool on a tropical island, or jumping off your safari truck in the middle of the African bush enjoying the scenery and peacefulness of where you are – and quenching a (hard-earned!) thirst.


drinks by the pool



If only for 5 minutes, it will allow your mind to reset and recharge for another day with (hopefully) new-found inspiration.