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Experience the wonder, beauty, and thrills of Antarctica via a scenic flight, taking you to Antarctica and back in a single day. With our scenic Antarctica flights from Australia, you can marvel at the beauty of the great white continent, its floating icebergs and iconic landmarks, all without the time commitment or hassle of international travel. Seeing Antarctica from above, as you travel aboard a luxury Qantas aircraft, helps you appreciate the sheer size and grandeur of the vast Antarctic continent unlike a ship-based expedition and is ideal for those short on time.

After around three hours of flying time south of Australia, the anticipation building, we’ll start to see scattered icebergs and shortly after we’ll reach the continent itself, where, weather permitting, we’ll get to take in the dramatic mountains, glaciers and frozen landscapes of Antarctica. Expert commentators will point out the incredible landscapes we see, which can include Mount Erebus, Ross Island (home to both Scott and Shackleton’s bases), gigantic ice shelves, rugged mountains, glaciers, and vast, uncharted lands. Be sure to bring your camera and your sense of adventure, as every flight is completely unique.

With 3-4 hours of flying time over the Antarctic continent, the flying altitude will be reduced to approximately 20,000 feet, weather permitting, to give incredibly close viewing of some areas.

As we fly back, swap stories and photos with fellow passengers and enjoy the five-star Qantas hospitality, with meals and bar service included. An Antarctica sightseeing flight is one of the most unique ways to enjoy the continent, whether you’re on a budget, have limited time, or you’re simply yearning for a new and unusual travel experience.

While our Antarctic cruises will get you up close and personal with the continent, these flights will offer you an unbridled appreciation for the sheer vastness of Antarctica, even if you've visited before.


Prices are Per Person
From Sydney on 25 November 2023
From Brisbane on 28 January 2024
Cabin/ Seat Type Price NOW
Premium Business AU$7,865*
Business AU$6,335*
Premium Economy AU$3,115*
Economy (no wing) AU$3,115*
Economy (wing) AU$2,105*
Economy Limited View AU$1,115*
Bookings subject to availability. Valid for sale until 28 February 2023, unless sold out prior.


  • Seat options from Economy Class-Limited View to Premium Business – View Seating Plan here
  • Two Full-Service QANTAS meals plus snacks
  • Full Bar Service including champagne, beer, spirits and soft drinks
  • Choose your viewing on the in seat entertainment system
  • Your scenic flight will include fun and educational presentations throughout the day with plenty of opportunities to ask questions from Antarctic researchers, experts, and professional photographers.


This is an adventure of a lifetime to experience Antarctica in a day on an exciting scenic flight. On your Antarctica flight from Brisbane or Sydney, you’ll depart early in the morning and return late in the evening, giving you ample opportunity to see the great white continent unlike ever before. From epic icebergs to jagged mountain ranges, the beauty and complexity of Antarctica are yours to discover. Even if you’ve cruised to Antarctica
before, a flight gives you a much greater appreciation of the sheer size of Antarctica
compared to your experience on a ship.
As you’re welcomed aboard your comfortable Qantas aircraft, meet your team of Chimu
Adventures Antarctica experts onboard. As you fly, they’ll explain the landscapes and history of the continent along the journey, providing context on the history, environment, and biology of Antarctica.
After take-off, settle back and enjoy the Qantas hospitality as we make our way south.

After around three hours of flying time, gaze in wonder as we start to see scattered
icebergs, the bright white glare hard to miss. Once we reach the continent, weather permitting, we’ll get to take in the dramatic mountains, glaciers, and epic frozen landscapes of Antarctica.

Whether it’s your first time looking for ice or you’re a seasoned Antarctic veteran, the grand, inspiring, and fragile landscapes of the continent will both humble and amaze.
We’ll spend 3-4 hours flying over the Antarctic continent and, weather permitting, we’ll reduce the flying altitude to approximately 20,000 feet to get closer for enhanced viewing.
On your scenic Antarctic flight we may see Ross Island, home to both modern and historic research bases, gigantic ice shelves, rugged, snow-covered peaks, and maybe even Mount Erebus, Antarctica’s highest active volcano.

*On each departure date,  a number of factors are considered, including weather, cloud cover and ice conditions to help provide you with the best viewing experience on the day. Partnering with Qantas, we have 20 different potential flight paths to choose from, all of which have a variety of fascinating landmarks and features to see.


*Terms & Conditions:

  • Bookings subject to availability.
  • Prices are per person twin share, in Australian Dollars.
  • Pricing correct as of 21 February 2023 and may fluctuate due to changes in availability, surcharges, fees or taxes.
  • Standard Travel Club Terms and Conditions apply.
  • This tour is offered and managed by Chimu Adventures and their terms and conditions apply.
  • Cancellation and change fees apply. Bookings are non-transferable.
  • Travel insurance is not included in the package. Please ensure you have valid Travel Insurance, or request a quotation.