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Share Your Cutest Pet Pictures!

Share Your Cutest Pet Pics! One upside to life in lockdown is that our pets are pretty happy to have us stay at home with them all day. Whether you are working from home or just spending less time in the outside world, share a pic of your cute little

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Put Yourself in the Picture Competition

It’s time to Put Yourself in the Picture! With all the extra time at home recently, you may have found yourself online gathering inspiration for your next trip – dreaming about what you will do there and how you might post snippets of the incredi

Fun Activities and Games

Day 21 – Lego Challenge

It is our last day and our last Lego build together! To make this one special, we are planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to SPACE! Build your best space ship and anything else that you want to take with you up, UP and AWAY! Weekly prizes up for grabs

Fun Activities and Games

Day 20 – Lego Challenge

In your best world, or in your dreams, what are the things you see? Perhaps it is unicorns, rainbows and fairies, or perhaps it is dragons and castles or super hero powers! Use your Lego blocks and creative thinking to show us!   One last weekly

Fun Activities and Games

Day 19 – Lego Challenge

Only a few days of Lego building left to go, so we best make it count! Today you are to put on your hard hat and get building! Build a house for each of your family members so you can all live together on the same street. If you are super nifty, buil

Fun Activities and Games

Day 18 – Lego Challenge

For today's challenge you will be dressed in camo! Build your best army fort, including a mean-machine tank! Your enemy might be big and strong, but your Lego building skills are a hidden weapon :) Weekly prizes up for grabs*! To be in the draw to wi

Exercise Tips from Home

Layne Beachley – Keeping the kids moving

Exercise is important for people of every age – including children. Movement helps little ones develop not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well – and research suggests the majority are not getting a pass grade at the moment. Club

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Day 17 – Lego Challenge

High up in the trees, you see something amazing, something magical, something that looks like a...tree house! What will your tree house be like? Is it made for watching animals slither through the forest or perhaps it is a tree house to sleep in afte

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Day 16 – Lego Challenge

I see sparkly building with bright lights, and sky scrapers up to the clouds! For your Day 16 Lego Challenge you are to build a city! The buildings don't have to be your normal four walls style, they can be as out there and different as you like! Hav

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Day 15 – Lego Challenge

"Listen up, here's the story about a little guy that lives in a blue world....I'm blue da ba dee.." Today your challenge is to build anything BLUE! Blue Lego bricks is all you can use, along with your imagination! Happy Lego building :)   Don’

Fun Activities and Games

Day 14 – Lego Challenge

"The sea is the only place for me!" Today you are building a BOAT! Green, brown, yellow, red or blue - it doesn't matter what colour you choose, as long as it floats!   Weekly prizes* up for grabs! To be in the draw to win* one of the weekly pri

Fun Activities and Games

Day 13 – Lego Challenge

Happiness is... a day at the beach! Gather up your Lego blocks because today you are taking them to the beach! For day 13 of the Lego Challenge you are to build your best beach setup. When you pack your bags for the beach, what do you bring? Are you