Covid-19 Update 30 Mar 20 – Frequently Asked Questions

March 30, 2020 | Club Wyndham Updates, FAQs

Club Wyndham South Pacific Frequently Asked Questions (updated 30 March 2020)


Q: Are any resorts closed?

A: We have made the difficult decision to close all Club Wyndham South Pacific resorts as follows:

  • Club Wyndham Wanaka (closed)
  • Ramada Resort by Wyndham Rotorua Marama (closed)
  • Club Wyndham Bavaria (closed)
  • Club Wyndham Tuscany (closed)
  • Club Wyndham Normandy (closed)
  • Club Wyndham Sydney (closed)
  • Club Wyndham Perth (closed)
  • Club Wyndham Dinner Plain (closed)
  • Club Wyndham Ballarat (closed)
  • Club Wyndham Denarau Island (closed)
  • Club Wyndham Airlie Beach (closed)
  • Club Wyndham Melbourne (closed)
  • Ramada Resort by Wyndham Phillip Island (closed)
  • Club Wyndham Port Douglas (closed)
  • Wyndham Resort Torquay (closed)
  • Club Wyndham Seven Mile Beach (April 1)
  • Club Wyndham Dunsborough (April 1)
  • Club Wyndham Coffs Harbour (April 1)
  • Ramada Resort by Wyndham Golden Beach (April 3)
  • Ramada by Wyndham Marcoola Beach (April 3)
  • Club Wyndham Kirra Beach (April 3)
  • Club Wyndham Shoal Bay (April 3)
  • Club Wyndham Flynns Beach (April 3)
  • Club Wyndham Surfers Paradise (April 3)

At this time resorts are closed until 30 April 2020, however, this date is subject to ongoing review. We will notify you of any changes as they take place. The European resorts will be closed for a lengthier timeframe and we will let you know when travel to those countries is safe again.

You are invited to cancel any bookings you have during this period online and if outside booking windows using the cancellation form available on the Club website. You will be reimbursed with the credits used and if your credits have expired you will receive a voucher that can be used for a stay before December 31, 2020.

This same arrangement applies for Discovery members with Discovery resorts.


Q: Why are these resorts closed?

A: They are closing because of the latest health and travel restrictions. For example, Australian states have locked down borders and asked that people all cancel non-essential travel and move as little as possible in order to halt the spread of the virus.

We have actively discouraged non-essential travel in recent weeks in line with advice from regional governments and we have now made the difficult decision to close all Club resorts to do our part and protect our guests and employees.


Q: What is your cancellation policy at the moment?

A: We are continually adjusting our existing cancellation policy in response to new restrictions and health and travel advice brought into effect within Australia and around the world.

We have been discouraging travel to any of our Club Wyndham South Pacific resorts in recent weeks and we are not taking reservations at Club resorts before April 30. Travel Club will not take any new reservations for travel between now and May 31.

Owners wishing to cancel a reservation for arrival at the below countries prior to 15 May 2020 may do so without penalty, up to 24 hours prior to arrival:

  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • USA
  • Fiji
  • New Zealand

Owners wishing to cancel a reservation in Australia prior to 15 May 2020 may do so without penalty, up to 72 hours prior to arrival.

We will reinstate credits for cancellation requests and these will be issued to owner accounts within 14 business days. Owners wanting to cancel are encouraged to fill out the online cancellation form and we will be in contact. []

If your credits for cancelled bookings have expired, you will be issued a travel voucher to use for a stay before 31 December, 2020.


Q: Why have you stopped Travel Club from taking reservations for stays before May 31?

A: There is a current travel ban for Australians to travel outside of Australia and restrictions on internal travel. It therefore makes sense to stop providing this service for a short window.

Travel Club is currently working hard to assist those Owners who have current travel bookings who will be affected by the travel restrictions and these owners are their current priority. As the time for the restrictions extends, more and more owners will be affected and Travel Club must deal with third party vendors during times of lengthy delays.


Q: What about bookings through external providers or using exchange transactions?

A: Wyndham Rewards has a separate cancellation policy available by visiting: For reservations through RCI and DAE, please contact the respective provider directly. For all other external transactions and holidays booked through Travel Club, please email


Q: Can we travel?

A:  All Club resorts managed by the Club are in the process of being closed and you will be unable to stay at these properties. We recommend you comply with the directions from the Australian, New Zealand and Fiji governments as to non-essential travel.


Q: Why have you been asking me to email recently instead of call?

A:  Firstly, this was to avoid the lengthy call waiting time. In addition, in order to reduce population movement in line with government advice, we have now closed our corporate offices with essential employees working from home. In these circumstances it is more effective and less problematic for our team members to communicate via email. You can email our team:


Q: Will you be extending credit expiry dates or freezing them?

A:  At this time credit expiry dates will not be extended. Firstly, extending the validity of credits is not possible under the club constitution.

In addition, under the terms of our license and timeshare regulations, the number of credits issued annually must match the amount of accommodation available. Depending on how long this crisis lasts, freezing or extending credits could have the result of a significant imbalance. This would not only be a breach of our regulatory obligations but also would not be in the interests of all owners. We are, however, doing what we can by allowing cancellations without penalty as well as providing some grace period for expired credits.  Our main aim is to do all we can to try and ensure that all owners who have had to cancel their holiday plans will be able to rebook.

If your credits for a cancelled booking have expired, and you do not make an immediate rebooking, we will issue you with a travel voucher with an equivalent number of credits which can be used by you for any new stay prior to December 31, 2020.

In addition, there are many options available to you if you have expiring credits. You are able to book now for the next 13 months and if uncertain of dates, then you can change your reservations provided you do so within the cancellation windows.  In addition, you can transfer your credits to RCI Spacebank to be used for future RCI Exchange reservations for check in within the next two years.


Q: Are you freezing levies because we are being discouraged from travelling?

A: We are reviewing all expenditures made by the Club and will try and minimise these wherever possible. However, we are unable to freeze or reduce levies at this time.

A large portion of levies goes toward regular expenses involved in property ownership, including rates, water and sewerage charges, utilities and insurance – which still need to be paid regardless of whether or not guests are able to stay. These costs do not necessarily reduce if resorts are closed.

Resort staff wages are also paid through levies. Some of the work resort staff do – for example, property and grounds maintenance – will need to continue over this period, while we are taking this opportunity to schedule as many deep cleans as possible.

Where possible, we are also doing what we can to minimise the human cost of this virus by supporting our onsite team members who directly serve you, and who will ensure your properties are kept in pristine condition until reopening.

We are also doing the best that we can to ensure you can enjoy the credits you would have used during this period, so that you can continue to receive the full value from your ownership that paying your levies entitles you to.


Q: Are you freezing finance payments because we are being discouraged from travelling?

Q: Can you freezing finance payments because I’m experiencing hardship?

A: There is no automatic freeze on finance payments. However, if you are experiencing financial hardship, we would encourage you to contact our Finance team at who will work with you to assist you in these difficult times.


Q: Are you giving empty accommodation to people who run essential services as a form of isolation?

A: While we can understand the idea, allowing people to stay who might have the coronavirus or have come into contact with people who have it is putting our staff at unnecessary risk. Our team would have to serve people staying in isolation at the property.

Where possible, we have endeavoured to ensure that guests are not staying at our properties if they require self-isolation. The best place for people to self-isolate is at home, where everything is easily accessible, where they can go outside and where they have their loved ones nearby.

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