Covid-19 Update 07 Apr 20 – Frequently Asked Questions

April 7, 2020 | Club Wyndham Updates, FAQs

Coronavirus/COVID-19 FAQs


Are any resorts closed?

  • We have made the difficult decision to close all Club Wyndham South Pacific Resorts to bookings.
  • At this time, resorts are closed until 31 May 2020, however this date is subject to ongoing review. We will notify you of any changes as they take place and will give you plenty of notice. In some countries, government requirements or travel advice may mean some resorts are closed for longer (for example, Europe is likely to be).
  • In the coming days, our Owner Services team will start systematically cancelling bookings in May. You will receive a text message and email and all you need to do is confirm your cancellation by either channel to receive your credits that you used back, or, if they have expired, you will receive a voucher that can be used for a stay before January 31, 2021.


Why are these resorts closed?

  • They are closing because of the ongoing health and travel restrictions, and the potential these have to last longer. For example, Australian states have locked down borders and asked that we all cancel non-essential travel to get people moving as little as possible in order to halt the spread of the virus.
  • We are adhering to the advice from regional governments, protecting our owners, guests and employers and, together, we are doing our part to help halt the spread of COVID-19.


Is it likely the May 31 date could be extended?

  • It is constantly being reviewed. We have a specialised team that is monitoring coronavirus/COVID-19 developments across the region and ensuring that we act on the latest health and travel advice. If we extend the date, we will let you know with plenty of notice.


What is your cancellation policy at the moment?

  • We are continually adjusting our existing cancellation policy in response to new restrictions and health and travel advice brought into effect within Australia and around the world.
  • We have closed our Club Wyndham South Pacific Club resorts until at least May 31, 2020, meaning that all bookings with check-in dates up to and including May 31 will be cancelled. Travel Club will not take any new reservations for travel between now and May 31.
  • In the coming days, our Owner Services team will start systematically cancelling bookings in May. You will receive a text message and email and all you need to do is confirm your cancellation by either channel to receive your credits that you used back, or, if they have expired, you will receive a voucher that can be used for a stay that starts before January 31, 2021. You do not need to fill out a form.


Why do people with travel vouchers from May bookings get an extra month’s availability from those in April?

  • These bookings will get an extra month’s availability because the bookings were for a later month. The travel vouchers offer eight months’ availability.
  • Depending on the length of the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation, we may review the use by date on these vouchers.


Are you encouraging travel?

  • No, we are discouraging Club Wyndham South Pacific owners from travelling to our club resorts or elsewhere, in line with directions from the Australian, New Zealand and Fiji governments.


Will you be extending credit expiry dates or freezing them?

  • Extending the validity of credits is not possible under the club constitution.
  • In addition, under the terms of our license and timeshare regulations, the number of credits issued annually must match the amount of accommodation available. Depending on how long this crisis lasts, freezing or extending credits could have the result of a significant imbalance. This would not only be a breach of our regulatory obligations but also would not be in the interests of all owners. We are, however, doing what we can by allowing cancellations without penalty as well as providing some grace period for expired credits. Our main aim is to do all we can to try and ensure that all owners who have had to cancel their holiday plans will be able to rebook.
  • If your credits for a cancelled booking have expired, and you do not make an immediate rebooking, we will issue you with a travel voucher with an equivalent number of credits which can be used by you for any new stay that starts prior to January 31, 2021.


It sounds like there could be availability issues once travel can restart! Is it going to be a problem?

  • We are expecting a greater demand for club inventory as soon as travel is possible again. However, we are recommending that all owners make use of their 13 month booking windows now and providing vouchers for those with expired credits over an eight-month period. This will allow the replacement bookings to be spread over a longer period to alleviate some of the demand. In the interim, we are monitoring the number of credits issued against inventory and will continue to review cancellation guidelines as needed.


My cancellation was approved but when I went to book another holiday, it didn’t use the cancelled credits – it used my annual allocation! Why?

  • It may take up to 14 days for your credits from the cancelled booking to reappear in your account.
  • However, even if you have made another booking, once those credits appear, your reservation will automatically be updated to draw on the credits that were returned from the cancelled booking.


Are you freezing levies because we are being discouraged from travelling?

  • Your Club Wyndham South Pacific levies go towards funding the Club operations for each financial year based on projected occupancy and projected costs. The composition of costs are both fixed and variable.
  • Fixed costs include most property and operational related costs – for example, rates, taxes, insurance, compliance costs associated with property ownership and country, federal and state laws, refurbishments, and a number of labour and service and support contracts (many of which are fixed). There are also some labour costs that are either fixed or substantially fixed – for example, finance, IT, reservations and operations.
  • Variable costs will include some labour and occupancy related costs for casual employees within resort operations – including housekeeping, front desk, maintenance, security, and food and beverage.
  • We will definitely have some savings in resort operations with property closures, however, we have also had increases in costs due to managing cancellations through reservations, increased resort cleaning and hygiene costs as a result of COVID-19, and funding all future reservations and the extension of accommodation for owners whose credits expire during this period.
  • Levies are set year to year and, practically, we will need a little time to know the full financial effect on the club’s net spend and any net savings.
  • We are also doing the best that we can to ensure you can enjoy the credits you would have used during this period, so that you can continue to receive the full value from your ownership that paying your levies entitles you to.


Are you freezing finance payments because we are being discouraged from travelling?

  • There is no automatic freeze on finance payments. However, if you are experiencing financial hardship, we would encourage you to contact our Finance team at who will work with you to assist you in these difficult times.


What is likely to happen in the future?

  • The situation is rapidly evolving and new restrictions, health and travel advice is being released frequently. We have teams monitoring these and responding to changes as quickly as we can.
  • It is difficult to anticipate exactly what will happen but travel restrictions may mean that resorts will stay closed past May 31.


Are we giving empty accommodation to people who run essential services as a form of isolation?

  • While we can understand the idea, allowing people to stay who might have the coronavirus or have come into contact with people who have it is putting our staff at unnecessary risk. Our team would have to serve people staying in isolation at the property.
  • Where possible, we have endeavoured to ensure that guests are not staying at our properties if they require self-isolation. The best place for people to self-isolate is at home, where everything is easily accessible, where they can go outside and where they have their loved ones nearby.


Why have you stopped Travel Club from taking reservations for stays before May 31?

  • There is a current travel ban for Australians to travel outside of Australia and restrictions on internal travel. It therefore makes sense to stop providing this service for a short window.
  • This date is also under review and may be amended. If it is, we will let you know with plenty of notice.
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